Oct 13

Share your experiences and success at our October Meeting!

At the October HDI Steel City meeting, we will continue the dialogue that began last month and hold round table discussions that will focus on the ways in which we rise to meet the ever-shifting landscape of customer demand.

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Steel City Promo Codes

HDI utilizes a promo code to assist in tracking how you hear about various events and happenings from our chapter. When our code is used for certain registrations, the Steel City chapter earns monetary support from HDI! This additional support allows us to put on quality programs and events for YOU throughout the year.

The HDI Steel City Code is LCPIT.

Use this code when:

  • Registering for an HDI Public Training Course. It doesn't matter where the training is at, as long as you use the code then you will help our chapter out.

  • Registering for the HDI Conference & Expo. Don't forget to email us directly to let us know that you are going. We will make sure that you know a few people at your first HDI conference.

  • Purchasing or Renewing an HDI membership during our annual Membership Drive.